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Giocondo is the fruit of the ultradecennal experience of a team of designers and brilliant fashion makers. Leather selection and processing is the result of our great experience and continuous innovation always focused on customer needs.

Giocondo’s production is concentrated directly in the company by our workers with the use of high quality hides, a guarantee that we can offer a 100% Made in Italy product and handcrafted.

L’Azienda GENESI was born in 1978 with the production of high quality women’s handbags and Giocondo is the result of a careful observation of practicality and convenience in the various occasions, it is elegant, lightweight, generous in very little space and with careful attention to details.

Also from the need to have always with us credit cards, various cards, banknotes and coins all in a small space and with a minimum weight. Our designers have thought of guys with a gritty image, classic men and elegant and refined women, satisfying all these requirements in a single product.

In addition to the ease of use, Giocondo ensures a unique and unmistakable style thanks to the use of various skins that fit every personality. Last but not least, safety is guaranteed, Giocondo can easily be inserted into the belt , thus becoming antithesis .

How does Giocondo’s idea come about?

The Giocondo-idea was born due to a company’s stylist’s sciatica problem. He used to keep his wallet in the back pocket of his trousers.

Due to this bad habit, the result of an incorrect posture, he had back problems that required a period of cure.

Also an attempt at theft, worn out at the last moment, was a motive for inspiration for our model / designer who, with genius, solved the problem with Giocondo, which is in any case a wallet of essential practicality.

The wallet contains everything, banknotes, credit cards, coins and it’s also anti-theftbecause it can be inserted into the belt. Practical and functional, it has been created in the smallest size so that it can be carried in the front pocket of the trousers or in a lady clutch.


Giocondo comes from the need to have always with us have everything we need, in a small space, of course there are style details in the desire to create an eye-catching image.

Nowadays everyone of us has countless cards, identity cards, patents, credit cards, health cards, etc.) in addition to the current money, hence the need to have everything at hand a minimal footprint and above all with easy of use in every situation.

Giocondo it can satisfy all the claims, as it can hold 10/12 credit cards, 10,000 euros plus the coin and also can be inserted into the belt, plus this has a curious and original image. It can be realized in 35 colors and in various materials to meet the needs of each and every occasion.

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Giocondo is practical, functional and anti-theft.
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